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One Month Deep in the PoGo

If there’s one thing people are even more tired of hearing about than Donald Trump, it’s Pokemon GO (PoGo). It features shallow gameplay and a simplistic battle system that has turned off a not-insignificant number of old school Pokemon players; even the flashiest feature, the augmented reality implementation that allows for Pokemon to be seen in the real world, improves the ease at which you catch Pokemon if it’s shut off. However—PoGo is not really a game. As you’ve no doubt already read, the

Bras Gone Bad: Improper Sizing Brings Health Risks, But There's Hope

Bra sizing is generally thought of as something you uncomfortably try to do once with your mom and a tape measure, and then proceed to try to forget about for the rest of your life while you guess your size. We’re obviously doing it wrong, as Jamie Feldman reported in her article for The Huffington Post, “The One Thing About Our Bras We’re All Still Getting Wrong: The Sizes.” The article revealed that 64 percent of women are wearing the wrong size, and only 29 percent know it’s the wrong size.

Movie Release Threatens Second Animal Abuse Outbreak

Pet stores are wonderful things. After walking in, one almost always finds oneself peering into cages and tanks to see what the critters are up to. Children can often be found excitedly pointing at clownfish and blue tangs in the fish section, all thanks to the release of 2003’s Finding Nemo. However, saltwater fish are not for beginners—a sad fact that led to many unnecessary deaths in the wake of the film’s popularity. With the June 17 release of the sequel, Finding Dory, experts have been anx